ZR-D13E Resistance Capacitance Method Flue Gas Moisture Content Tester

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ZR-D13E flue gas moisture analyser is specially designed for on-line measurement of moisture in flue gas. This device based on Resistance capacitance method, could be used alone and could meet various operation conditions requirement, it also could be used combined with other relative devices. The length of probe could be custom made.


  • Moisture content: (0~40)VOL%
  • Temperature of chimney: ≤180℃
  • Accuracy: ± 2% RH at 25 ℃, (0~90)%RH ± 3% RH at (90~100)%RH
  • Battery: 3 hours,fully charged in 2.5h
  • Preheating time: ≤10min
  • Power Supply: AC(220±22)V,(50±1)Hz
  • Total length: 1m
  • Weight: About 2.4kg
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    ZR-D13E Resistance capacitance method flue gas moisture content Tester adopts the RC method(Resistance capacitance method) to measure the moisture content of the flue, and the whole process is accompanied by heat, which overcomes the complicated working conditions of high temperature, high humidity, high dust and high corrosion of the flue.The direct reading instrument is widely used in industrial field measurement, coal-fired power plant emission detection, environmental monitoring department testing and other fields.



    GB/T 11605-2017   Humidity measurement method

     HJ 836-2017          Determination of low concentration particulate matter in exhaust gas from stationary pollution sources gravimetric method

    01.Excellent human-computer interaction experience.

    > Color touch screen and key double control operation, real-time feedback, double guarantee.

    > The integrated mold design of the main shell is convenient, fast and reliable.

    > With lithium battery, it is convenient to view and print data at any time.

    02. It can meet the requirements of multi-functional sampling

    The extraction measurement of independent patented technology can be used alone or together with other online measurement equipment or handheld devices.

    > 316 stainless steel pipe is used, with an effective length of 1m as standard, and the optional extension pipe is suitable for flue with different thickness.

    > It has the functions of storage, inquiry, Bluetooth printing, USB export, RS485 communication, and optional Bluetooth communication.



    ZR-D13E Flue gas moisture content Tester(RC method)Working Process

    03.Built in high-precision sensor

    > The resistance capacitance measurement principle adopts imported sensors to ensure the accuracy and stability of measurement and fast response time.

    04. Automatic protection design

    > Special protection for the measuring probe can adapt to the complex and harsh measuring environment of high temperature, high humidity, high dust, high corrosion, static electricity and so on, ensure the measurement accuracy and effectively extend the service life of the measuring probe.

    > The whole process heat tracing of the sampling tube can effectively prevent the sensor from condensation.

    > The internal heating function is optional to prevent freezing and blocking the pipeline in extremely cold weather


    Communication Connection Between ZR-D13E and ZR-3260





    Response time

    Moisture content










    Temperature of chimney



    ± 2% RH at 25 ℃, (0~90)%RH

    ± 3% RH at (90~100)%RH


    Under the same measurement conditions, the difference between the two measurement results shall not exceed 2% RH


    Under different measurement conditions, the difference between the two measurement results shall not exceed 6% RH

    Data storage

    10000 groups


    3 hours,fully charged in 2.5h

    Working condition


    Preheating time


    Power Supply


    Total length



    About 2.4kg

    Power consumption


    1. Front filtration    2. Heat tracing pipe     3. High temperature prompt Sticker    4. Water storage bottle     5. USB      6. DC24V     

    7. communication interface     8. Exhaust port     9. Handle    10. charging indicator     11. Switch 12. touch screen    13. Key     14. sensor

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