ZR-1101 Automatic Colony Counter

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ZR-1101 Automatic Colony Counter, built in 12 megapixel CMOS camera. Ensure the clarity and speed of the colony image. Truly reduce the working load of staff and realize efficient and fast counting of microorganisms. Automatic Colony Counter is used in the food, environmental, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, veterinary and public institutes research.

  • Camera: 12 megapixel. Resolution Ratio: 4024*3036
  • Minimum size of detected colony: 0.05 mm
  • Petri dish specification: Counting on various 90mm,100mm petri dishes
  • Image processing:  Counting on pour, surface, Spiral, circle mode plated Petri dishes
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    The automatic colony counter ZR-1101 is a high-tech product developed for microbial colony analysis and micro-particle size detection. The powerful image processing software and scientific arithmetic enable it to analyze microbial colonies and detect micro-particle size, the counting is quick and accurate.



    • Hospitals, scientific research institutions, health and anti-epidemic stations, and disease control centers.

    • Inspection and quarantine, quality and technical supervision, and environmental testing institutions.

    • Pharmaceutical, food and beverage, medical and health supplies industries.


    • 21 CFR Part 11 included

    > The software complies with FDA recommendations, particularly on audit trail and security of results.

    The user account management, integrated in the software, allows the creation of up to 4 levels of rights. Password management secures user accounts.


    • Fully enclosed multiple lighting

    The cabin is completely closed to avoid external light interference, providing necessary light and shadow conditions for accurate colony counting.

    Bulit-in 254nm and 365nm Ultraviolet lamp, can sterilize dishes and cabins, UV mutagenesis and fluorescence excitation experiments can also be realized.

    Capture high-definition colonies quickly.

    The operator does not tire his eyes.

    • Accuracy and Repeatability

    > ZR-1101 can count up to 1000 colonies in 1 second in a constant and repeatable mode. Counting accuracy reach up to 99%. The minimum colony size is 0.12 mm.

    > Realize polychromatic plate dyeing to identify colonies.

    • Accurate segmentation and identification of adhesive colonies

    • Scan code and print to standardize data record

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  • Parameter



    12 million pixel,true color, resolution ratio: 4000*3036

    Counting speed

    1000 colonies <1s

    Colour temperature


    Upper light source

    Illumination: 51.7-985.1 Lux360° shadowless illumination, Multi-directional transmitted light, adjustable light source brightness.

    Lower light source

    Illumination: 0-4500 LuxBottom transmitted light darkroom shooting system


    Ring matrix system

    Image capture

    Auto focus, auto white balance, auto color temperature control.
    Front open, automatic elimination of external interference, automatic centering, black box shooting.

    Petri dish type

    various 90mm,100mm petri dishes (Pour, spreading, membrane filtration)

    Automatic impurity removal

    Automatically remove impurity according to the difference of shape, size, color, etc.

    Colony Morphology Analysis

    Automatic analysis the area, girth, roundness, maximum diameter, minimum diameter.

    Select counting area

    Basic circle, semicircle, circle, rectangle, sector, and random area.

    Image processing

    Image enhancement

    Image ada­­ptive enhancement, color component enhancement, colony edge sharpening, image flattening.

    Image filtering

    Low filter, high filter, Gaussian filter, Gaussian high through-put, mean filter, Gaussian filter, Order filter.

    Edge detection

    Sobel detection、Roberts detection、Laplace detection、vertical detection、horizontal detection

    Image adjustment

    Gray scale conversion、negative phase conversion、RGB three-channel brightness、Contrast、Gama adjustment

    Morphological operation

    Erosion, dilation, opening operation, close operation

    Image segmentation

    RGB segmentation、Gray scale segmentation

    Note measurement

    Instrument calibration

    The system has its own calibration function

    Colony labeling

    Label with Line, angle, rectangle, broken line, circle, character, curve and so on.

    Colony measurement

    Measure line, angle, rectangle, circular arc, circle, section, curve and so on.

    Work temperature


    Host size


    Power consumption


    Host weight

    about 12.0kg

    Power adaptor

    Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz  Output DC24V 2A
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