Airborne Particle Counter 1CFM ZR-1630

Short Description:

ZR-1630 Particle Counter is 6 channels, built in HEPA filter and Vacuum pump. The flow stable at 1CFM(28.3L/min).

  • Model: ZR-1630
  • Particle size: 0.3、 0.5、1.0、 2.5、5.0、 10.0μm
  • Counting efficiency: 0.3μm:50%; >0.5μm:100%
  • Sampling flowrate: 1CFM(28.3L/min),Error±2%FS
  • Battery working time: ≥8 hours
  • Charging time: About 5 hours
  • Size: (L320×W220×H210)mm
  • Weight: About 6kg
  • Product Detail


    Particle Size Analyzer is a portable precision particle counter. The instrument uses light scattering method to measure the particle size and quantity in the air which the particle size is 0.3μm~10.0 μm. It is mainly used in clean room testing, air filter and filter material performance testing and other fields. It can be mainly used in cleanroom / operating room monitoring and verification, filter testing, IAQ investigation, data center cleaning and other fields.


    > GB/T 6167-2007   Test method for performance of dust particle counter

    >  JJF 1190-2008    Calibration specification for dust particle counter

    The particle counter comply with ISO-14644、ISO 21501-4 calibration standard & GMP


    > Built in vacuum pump, the flow is stably controlled at 1CFM(28.3L/min).

    > Collect and measure particles with 6 sizes at the same time.

    > Self contained battery≥ 8 hours.

    > Self purification time≤ 5 minutes.

    Built in HEPA filter to filter the exhaust gas.


    Built in printer. Real time storage of sampling data, and support export storage of USB.

    Automatic alarm when the concentration exceeds the set value.

    Constant speed sampling can measure temperature and humidity.

    7-inch color screen, wide working temperature , clear Visual in sunshine.

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  • Parameter


    Particle size


    Counting efficiency

    0.3μm:50%; >0.5μm:100%

    Maximum concentration

    1×106 P/ft3

    Light  source

    laser diode

    Sampling flowrate

    1CFM(28.3L/min), Error±2%FS

    Sampling mode

    Cumulative count;Partition count;Concentration mode;Number mode

    Sampling time


    Sampling frequency

    1~100 times

    Sampling output

    Built in HEPA filter(>99.97%@0.3μm)

    Working condition

    (-20~50)℃, ≤85%RH

    Power Supply

    DC24V, 5A

    Battery working time

    About 8 hours

    Charging time

    About 5 hours




    About 6kg

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