Airflow Pattern Visualizer(AFPV) ZR-4001

Short Description:

Airflow Pattern Visualizer(AFPV)is a Cleanroom Fogger, often referred to as a fog generator for cleanrooms. It is used used to visualize airflow patterns and turbulence in clean rooms and pharmaceutical industry. AFPV as an airflow visualizer for smoke studies to monitor patterns and turbulence in controlled clean room areas.

  • Model: ZR-4001
  • Principle: Ultrasonic Nebulization
  • Generate particle size: 1-10μm water mist
  • Visible Fog Distances: 3-5 feet
  • FOG Duration: ≥60min
  • Product Detail


    Airflow Pattern Visualizer(AFPV)is an excellent equipment for generating fog compliantly within our sterile cleanrooms and is incredibly easy and safe to use.

    AFPV can generate 1-10 μm Water mist to visualize the airflow and observe the movement, judge whether there are vortices and turbulence.

    I recommend this unit to anyone handling their airflow pattern visualization testing in Biosafety cabinet & clean room



    Besides HEPA detectionAirborne ParticlePlanktonic Bacteria, it is necessary to detect monitor patterns and turbulence in clean room.


    >  ISO 14644

    >  IEST-RP-006.3, 2012

    >  Pharmaceutical USP 797 Guidelines

    >  NSF 49 National Safety Foundation


    Biosafety cabinet & clean room, Air flow balance test, Testing of exhaust system for chemical treatment equipment, Verification of personnel safety evacuation system, Pressure balance inside and outside the room, Leakage testing of air ducts.


    > Portable, built in lithium battery.

    > Adjustable air speed and density even during use.

    > Works with deionized water (DI Water) and purified water (WFI-Water).

    > Quick and easy water recharge.

    > Excellent visualization for fog flows up to 3-5 feet.

    > If the water level drops to a low level, the sensor is automatically protected, ensure long life and reliability.

    > Fog generation and output volume can be adjusted separately.

    > Screen to display battery level, fog generation level, and output volume.

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  • Parameter


    Generate particle size

    (1-10) μ m

    Visible Fog Distances

    3-5 feet (1-2m)

    FOG Type

    Pure Fog using DI Water, WFI Water

    FOG Duration


    Water consumption rate


    Fog output rate


    Length of fog probe

    Can be extended to 1.2m





    Host Size


    Host Weight




    Working condition


    (0~50) ℃


    (0~85%) RH

    Power Supply



    (60~130) kPa

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