Intelligent air microbial sampler ZR-2002

Short Description:

Intelligent air microbial sampler collect bacteria and fungi in the air. It is an Active Air Sampler, A portable Clean Room Microbial Sampler, and a Porous Impact Air Microbial Sampler.

High sampling efficiency and high biological survival rate, widely used in medical and health, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and other fields.

  • Model: ZR-2002
  • Flowrate: (0-50)LPM
  • Host Size: (L300×W190×H200)mm
  • Weight: About 6kg
  • Acessory: Host, Anderson sampler, Impinger, Battery, Tripod, Carrying case
  • Product Detail



    Clean Room Microbial Sampler, six-stage Anderson sampler simulates the structure of the human respiratory tract. Based on aerodynamics, microbial particles suspended in the air are collected on the surface of the sampling medium in order of size. These samples were processed and analyzed to yield bacterial and fungal colony forming units per cubic meter of air for each of the sampling devices.



    Intelligent air microbial sampler can be used for sampling of planktonic bacteria, fungi, biological aerosols, etc, widely used in BIOSAFETY CABINET & CLEAN ROOM.

    >  Easy to operate and high accuracy.

    >  High automation, unmanned.

    >  Equipped with Anderson sampler, Impinger to different fields.

    >  Built in lithium battery, ≥4 hours once charge.

    >  Large data storage and data print.

    >  4.3 inch OLED screen.

    >  Two-stage Anderson sampler, Eight-stage Anderson sampler can be supported. (optional)


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  • Parameter




    Sampling flowrate




    Flowmeter pressure




    Capture Rate


    Data Storage

    > 50000 groups

    Data Export

    U Disk, Blue-tooth printer



    Host Size



    About 6kg

    Power Supply

    AC(220 V±22)V, (50+1)HZ





    Working condition



    (0-95%)% RH

     Six-stage Anderson sampler,monitor the concentration and particle size distribution of bacteria and fungi to truly simulate human lungs.

     Impinger, Impinging a stream of the suspension on a surface or in a liquid (as water) in air.

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