ZR-1015 Biosafety Cabinet Quality Tester

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ZR-1015 Biosafety Cabinet Quality Tester is used to test the protection performance of class II biosafety cabinet by potassium iodide method. Different from the usual microbiological methods, potassium iodide test method can be counted on site to verify the protective performance of the biosafety cabinet: The usual microbiological method takes 48 hours; and potassium iodide test method takes only 30 minutes, which will not pollute the laboratory environment.

  • Sampling flowrate: 100L/min
  • Rotation speed of aerosol generator: 28000r/min
  • Size: (length 321×width 240×height 175)mm
  • Weight: About 4.9kg
  • Power consumption: <100W
  • Product Detail


    Biological Safety Cabinet Testing has four test modes: background test, personnel protection, product protection and cross contamination protection.It is mainly used to determine whether the aerosol in the cabinet leaks to the outside of the cabinet; whether external pollutants enter the biosafety cabinet; and whether the cross contamination between products in the biosafety cabinet is minimized.


    • Good human-computer interaction

    > 7.0 -inch color screen , touch operation.
    > Less accessories, simple installation and convenient operation.
    > One touch start-Four operation modes can be started with one touch.
    > Data recording function.Test results could be exported to USB drive or printed by printer.

    • Automatic control, more accurate monitoring

    > Four path independent high precision sampling module, automatic flow control, don’t need to adjust pressure to stabilize flow.
    > The automatic aerosol control port adopts PID arithmetic, control by real time feedback generator rotation speed.


    YY 0569-2011           Class II biosafety cabinet

    NSF/ANSI 49-2020   Biosafety Cabinets Design and Performance

    IEST-RP-CC007.3     Testing ULPA Filters

    EN12469-2000          Biotechnology - Performance criteria for microbiological safety cabinets

    JJF 1815-2020          Calibration specification for of class II biosafety cabinet




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  • Parameter Range Resolution Accuracy
    Sampling flowrate 100L/min 0.01L/min ±2.0%
    Rotation speed of aerosol generator 28000r/min / ±50r/min
    Highest position of X1,Y1 1000mm
    Disturbing cylinder With horizontal measurement function, up to 1100mm
    Noise <65db(A)
    Working temperature 0~40℃
    Power supply AC(220±22)V ,(50±1)Hz
    Size (length 321×width 240×height 175)mm
    Weight(host) About 5.0kg
    Power consumption <400W
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