ZR-6012 Aerosol photometer

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For leakage detection for HEPA Filter, it is well known to use aerosol photometer for testing. ZR-6012 Aerosol photometer is a professional testing equipment which is used to test whether there is leakage on HEPA filter.

The downstream of aerosol concentration can be extended to 0.0001 μg/L, and upstream can be extended to 700μg/L.

  • Sampling flowrate: 28.3L/min
  • Dynamic Range: (0.0001~700)μg/L
  • Leakage detection: 0.0001%~100%
  • Data storage: 100000 groups
  • Size: (length 300×width 330×height 184)mm
  • Weight: About 8kg(Battery included) /About 14kg(Packing box included)
  • Power consumption: <200W
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    ZR-6012 Aerosol photometer is used to test whether there is leakage on HEPA filter. According to the principle of light scattering, it is portable, yet rugged for in-situ filtration system integrity testing.

    The instrument conforms to NSF49 / IEST / ISO14644-3, could realize rapid detection of upstream and downstream concentration detection and real-time display leakage on the host and handheld device, and could find leaking position rapidly and accurately.


    Aerosol photometer (2)

    Medical facilities and cleanrooms

    Aerosol photometer (3)

    Biosafety cabinets and fume hoods

    Aerosol photometer (1)

    Independent filter certifiers

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    Pharmaceutical manufacturers

    >  NSF/ANSI 49-2019    Biosafety cabinetry
    >  ISO14644-3:2005      Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments—Part 3:Test methods
    >  GB 50073-2013         Code for design of clean workshop
    >  GB 50591-2010         Code for construction and acceptance of cleanroom
    >  GMP                           Factory and device
    >  YY0569-2005             Biosafety cabinet
    >  JJF 1815-2020          Calibration specification for class II biosafety cabinet

    01. Powerful function

    >  Stable digital photometer.
    >  Dynamic Range: 0.0001μg/L~700μg/L.

    02. Good human-computer interaction

    >  5.0 -inch color screen , touch operation.
    >  Lightweight, portable and equipped with suitcase, easy to carry.
     The handheld device is equipped for hard to reach areas, easy to control, display and sample.
    >  Built-in battery((optional)≥3.5H.

    03. Data query

    >  USB & Printer available for real-time reporting.
    >  Audit Tracing & assign permissions to users, further guarantee data integrity.
     Sampling data can be imported to PC.

    04. Automatic reminder

    >  When exceed the set value, light & voice alarm.
    >  Inform you to replace the high efficiency filter.
     Self protection in case of failure.




    Sampling flowrate



    Dynamic Range


    Leakage detection



    1% of readings > 0.01% to 100%


    0.5% of readings > 0.01% to 100%

    Data storage

    100000 groups

    Environment temperature


    Environment humidity

    5%-85%(No condensation、No icing)

    Storage requirements


    No condensation when relative humidity lower than 85%.

    Aerosol support

    PAO , DOP etc.

    Power supply

    AC220V±10% , 50/60Hz


    (length 300×width 330×height 184)mm


    About 8kg(Battery included)

    About 14kg(Packing box included)

    Power consumption


    When detecting the leakage of high-efficiency filter, you need to cooperate with aerosol generator. It emits aerosol particles with different sizes, and adjusts the aerosol concentration as required to make the upstream concentration reach 10 ~ 20ug / ml. Then the aerosol photometer will detect and display the concentration of the particle mass.

    Aerosol photometer (1)

    ZR-1300A Aerosol Generator

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