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Our Automatic Colony Counter, developed by Qingdao Junray Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd., offers a highly efficient solution for counting and analyzing bacterial colonies on petri dishes. This advanced device utilizes intelligent image processing technology to accurately and automatically count colonies, drastically reducing the time and effort required for this task, With a user-friendly interface and powerful software, our Automatic Colony Counter allows for easy operation and seamless data management. The high-precision imaging system ensures accurate colony counting and sizing, making it an essential tool for microbiology research, clinical laboratories, and quality control in various industries, Additionally, our colony counter is designed with a compact and durable structure, making it suitable for use in various laboratory settings. It also comes with customizable settings, allowing users to adjust parameters based on specific research requirements, Overall, our Automatic Colony Counter from Qingdao Junray Intelligent Instrument Co., Ltd. is a reliable and efficient solution for accurate colony counting, providing researchers and technicians with a valuable tool for their microbiological studies and applications

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