ZR-D13D Flue Gas Moisture Analyzer

Short Description:

Function:  Measure humidity in flue gas from fixed pollution sources.

Principle:  Dry wet bulb method

Product Detail

Principle: Dry wet bulb method

Make the gas flow through the dry and wet bulb thermometers at a certain speed. Calculate the moisture of the exhaust according to the readings of the dry and wet bulb thermometers and the exhaust pressure at the measuring point.

By measuring and collecting the surface temperature of wet bulb and dry bulb, and through the surface pressure of wet bulb and exhaust static pressure and other parameters, the saturated steam pressure at this temperature is derived from the surface temperature of wet bulb, and combined with the input atmospheric pressure, the moisture content of flue gas is automatically calculated according to the formula.


In the equation:

Xsw----Volume percentage of moisture content in exhaust gas, %

Pbc----- Saturated steam pressure when temperature is t(According to the tb value, it can be found from the water vapor pressure gauge when the air is saturated),Pa

tb---- Wet Bulb Temperature,℃

 tc----Dry Bulb Temperature,℃

Pb-----Gas pressure passing through the surface of wet bulb thermometer,Pa

Ba-----Atmospheric Pressure,Pa

Ps-----Exhaust static pressure at the measuring point,Pa


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