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Junray brand attend the Vietnam Medi-Pharm 2024


Junray brand attend the Vietnam Medi-Pharm 2024


From 9-12th May 2024, the Vietnam Medi-Pharm 2024 exhibition is opened at Friendship Cultural Palace, Hanoi. In line with the exploration of the global market and the emphasis on the Vietnamese market, our Junray team came to Hanoi to participate in this exhibition.


Junray brought the star products of clean room testers, such as aerosol photometers, particle counters, and microbial air samplers.



Microbial Air Sampler ZR-2052


 Particle Counter ZR-1630


Aerosol Photometer ZR-6012

The sun is scorching and sometimes it rains heavily. There were still many customers who came despite the rain. Among the many medical consumables and equipments, they were pleasantly surprised by our booth and products. We were also very excited to meet so many matching customers.

Junray Group always adheres to the concept of making good instruments with heart and hopes to become a testing instrument manufacturing and comprehensive service provider trusted by customers around the world.

In addition to participating in the exhibition, we met with our Vietnamese partners to have an in-depth understanding and discussion of the businesses and products of both companies. Conducted detailed technical exchanges on aerosol photometers and particle counters.


The Vietnam trip is over! Depart for a date with a Thailand partner!


The busy and fulfilling trip to Vietnam is over, and we went to Bangkok, Thailand to meet our local partners. Even with huge language and cultural differences, we felt their passion.

In addition to providing clean room testing solutions, Junray Group is also good at environmental monitors. We produce portable stack emission analyzers and ambient air quality monitors, such as intelligent Stack dust (gas) tester, UV-DOAS Method gas analyzer, THC analyzer, Ambient air sampler, Environmental analysis automatic sampler, AQMS, and etc.

During the mutual discussion Q&A, we gained an in-depth understanding of the market situation of ambient air monitoring in Thailand and deepened our cooperation. We also trained partners on the use of Environmental analysis automatic sampler ZR-3930B products and precautions for use. 

Environmental analysis automatic sampler ZR-3930B

In a harmonious atmosphere, we regard each other as valuable partners and agreed to meet again next time in China and Thailand.

We have always focused on customer value and are committed to providing the most appropriate solutions for our customers' various needs.

We also look forward to having face-to-face communications with partners from more countries soon.