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ZR-1630 won the title of "Precision 28.3LPM Particle Counter"!


ZR-1630 won the title of "Precision 28.3LPM Particle Counter"!

2024-01-19 16:47:43

In December 2023, a value comparison test of "dust particle counter" was conducted in China. This activity was organized by China Environmental stoichiometry Technical Committee and Shanghai Institute of Metrology and testing technology. It aims to obtain the quantity value of particle concentration that meets the requirements through comparison, and is used to correct the indication value of precision dust particle counter.

The ZR-1630 28.3LPM Particle Counter developed by Junray has excellent performance in this comparison and is rated as "precision particle counter". This means that the metrological laboratory can use the instrument as a metrological standard for Metrological traceability of conventional particle counters.


ZR-1630 28.3LPM Particle Counter can be used to test and judge the cleanliness level of clean room in pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry, medical operating room, food processing, clean workbench, scientific experiment, aerospace, precision processing and other fields.

This Particle Counter meets JJF1190-2008 《dust particle counter calibration specification》standard. The testing organization can use this instrument as a standard to carry out metrological calibration.