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Ambient air NOX Analyzer ZR-3370

Biosafety cabinet & clean room

Ambient air NOX Analyzer ZR-3370

ZR-3370 ambient air nitrogen oxide (NOX) analyzer is a portable device to monitor NOX in the atmospheric by Chemiluminescence method.

  • NOx concentration (0~500)ppb
  • Sampling flowrate (450±45)mL/min
  • Dimensions (L395×W255×H450) mm
  • Host weight About 16.5kg
  • Consumption ≤450W(With heating)

This analyzer is widely used for outdoor long-term continuous automatic sampling analysis. It is used in routine ambient air quality monitoring, environmental assessment, scientific research, emergency monitoring, and air quality monitoring station data comparison.



Chemiluminescence relies on the reaction of NO with ozone. The chemical oxidation of NO by ozone yields NO2 in an excited state. Relaxation from this excited state produces distinctive light emission (chemiluminescence) that is directly proportional to NO concentration.

The intensity of light emitted is directly proportional to the concentration of NO.


Powerful function and ensure data stable

> Equipped with precision light sources and optical sensors, ensure long service life and effective anti-interference.

> Using a high-efficiency molybdenum conversion furnace, the conversion efficiency≥96%.

>  Adaptive filtering algorithm, fast response, low detection limit, high sensitivity.

> Measure environmental temperature, humidity, pressure, and provide real-time compensation for temperature and pressure, suitable for stable and accurate monitoring in different conditions.


Users friendly

> Low maintenance workload and cost, filters are replaced every 14 days, without any other maintenance.

> Datas can be switched to ppb, ppm, nmol/mol, μmol/mol, μg/m3, mg/m3

> 7-inch touch screen, easy to operation.

> Zero point and span calibration can be performed manually.

> Store over 250000 data, check and print the data in real time by Bluetooth printer and exported by USB.

> Support GPS and 4G remote data upload.

Excellent protective performance

> Lightweight, easy to carry and install, rainproof and dustproof.

> A rugged IP65 weatherproof enclosure provides optimal performance, even in extreme conditions, purpose-built for the outdoors, unmanned monitoring.




NOx concentration


0.1 ppb

Sampling flowrate



Zero point noise

≤0.25 ppb

Minimum detection limit

≤0.50 ppb


±2% F.S.

Zero drift

±1 ppb

Span drift

±1% F.S.

Span noise

≤2.0 ppb

Indication error

±3% F.S.

Response time

≤120 s

Flow stability


Voltage stability

±1% F.S.

Effect of ambient temperature changes


NO2 conversion efficiency


Data storage

250000 groups


(L395×W255×H450) mm

Host weight

About 16.5kg

Power supply



≤450W(With heating)

Working condition