New upgrade! Enhancing colony counting through automation

Have you encountered these challenges?

In microbiology labs counting colonies is a critical, but time-consuming process.

Humans can only work so fast, especially when manually counting colonies. But when mistakes happen, data integrity is at risk and precious time is wasted.

Manually carrying out repetitive tasks day-in day-out is time consuming. As a result staff turnover is high and labs are understaffed.

Labs may not be able to increase output if they are already working to maximum capacity due to manual processes.

Our solution

ZR-1101 Automatic Colony Counter has been tested by engineers day and night. Today, it will be released publicly!


ZR-1101 Automatic Colony Counter, built in 12 megapixel CMOS camera. Ensure the clarity and speed of the colony image. Truly reduce the working load of staff and realize efficient and fast counting of microorganisms.


Automatic Colony Counter is used in the food, environmental, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, veterinary and public institutes research.



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Post time: Feb-20-2023