New Biosafety Cabinet Quality Tester Launch!

Biosafety cabinets (BSC)are primary containment barriers used when working with infectious agents or hazardous compounds in environments such as research centres and hospitals. As such, these units must be reliable.

BSC are an enclosed ventilated laboratory workspace and the various types that exist are differentiated by the degree of biocontainment required. Worth noting that vertical and horizontal laminar flow equipment does not provide biological containment; only class II cabinets and isolators fulfil this function.


Now, we develop a powerful device to test the protection performance of class II biosafety cabinet  ZR-1015 Biosafety Cabinet Quality Tester. It used by potassium iodide method. Different from the usual microbiological methods, potassium iodide test method can be counted on site to verify the protective performance of the biosafety cabinet: The usual microbiological method takes 48 hours; and potassium iodide test method takes only 30 minutes, which will not pollute the laboratory environment.

1、 Easy to carry


Size: 321*240*175mm; Weight: 5kg


7.0 -inch color screen , touch operation


Equipped with suitcase, easy to carry

2Automatic control, powerful function


Used by potassium iodide test method,which takes only 30 minutes to verify the protective performance of of biosafety cabinet.

  One touch start-Four operation modes.

  Four path independent high precision sampling module, automatic flow control, don’t need to adjust pressure to stabilize flow.

4Data recording


 Wireless data transmission.

 Test results could be exported to USB drive or printed by printer.


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Post time: Jun-24-2022